Safety & Support

Safety is our greatest priority.

By definition, adventurous expeditions involve an element of risk. Being exposed to risk is an important part of an expedition, and by carefully managing this it allows participants to overcome and grow as a result. Our approach to safety aims to manage the risks to all expedition members without unduly affecting the purpose of the venture.

Our approach to safety management has two main stages. Through thorough risk assessment, training and only hiring experienced outdoor practitioners we aim to reduce the likelihood of anything happening in the first place. But if the unavoidable does happen, we have emergency response plans in place, can call upon further support from our in-country agents, staff in HK and a comprehensive travel insurance.

Team Preparation

With the students being the heart of an expedition, their training and preparation is a critical part of ensuring their safety and enjoyment while away.  With an emphasis on a responsible attitude and student leadership, we'll deliver relevant training so each member is ready to go and has an idea of expedition life, effective teamwork and health and hygiene before they leave.

Adult Leadership

All our leaders have a passion for youth development and love exploring the world. They are always there to step in on matters of safety and budgeting catastrophes, but more importantly they're their to bring out the best in the team!

We only work with leaders that have proven experience of working with young people in the outdoors, hold relevant technical qualifications and a Criminal Record Check and have plenty of their own stories from travelling independently overseas.

To ensure a good match with the team, Leaders are placed from the very beginning and attend every training. They get to know each individual's needs and how best to support and cater to them.

Our Adult Leadership Teams typically consist of either an Expedition Leader with a teacher/youth group leader, or the Expedition Leader with an Assistant Leader.  Assistant Leader's are responsible outdoor leaders holding a first aid certificte and Criminal Record Check, but may just be missing some experience in leading overseas before they take the helm themselves.

In-country support

Up-to-date destination knowledge and reliable support is crucial during the expedition's planning and execution phases. We use the skills and expertise of reputable in-country agents that understand our ethos, can be On-Call 24/7 during the expeditions and meet the high standards we expect. We back this up with a recce to the region and to meet in person.

Along with a variety of safety gear, each Expedition Leader will carry a smartphone with a local SIM and where allowed by local law, the Leader will also carry a Satellite phone for areas where there is no mobile service or a GPS Tracker with two way satellite communciation, to be used in emergencies or scheduled call-ins.

Roughly 3 months prior to departure, a thorough itinerary-specific risk assessment will be undertaken along with an Emergency Response Plan. The ERP includes medical facilities, evacuation plans and reaction times for each stage, as well as scheduled call-ins to let the HK Office know everything is still on track.

HK Support

During Training Events and the Expeditions, we always employ a responsible person to give us extra support from Hong Kong.  They are on the other end of the phone 24/7 and are fully aware of the team, their itinerary and the support available around them. They can provide swift responses and advice in case of an emergency or any difficulties on the expedition.

Additionally, we require that all expedition members take out a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy with cover for everything from medical expenses and repatriation to a lost bag or passport. We hold onto these details so we can effect a quick response if it is needed.