The Journey

We work closely with you to make your expedition unique to you.

It Could go like this...

Step 1. Interested? Get in touch

We will send you a more detailed information pack outlining our ethos, what to expect, the costs and how we manage safety. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have as we believe it is imperative that everybody involved is fully aware of the expectations on them and the risks involved. For schools and organisations, we can even come in and hold student and parent presentations.

Step 2. sign Up and Join the team


If you are happy to proceed, return the completed medical form along with the initial deposit. We will then be in touch to approve your application (or with further questions). We aim to be inclusive however sometimes require further discussion on medical conditions or suitability.


Once your application has been approved and we have enough members, the team is ready to go! We will put you in touch with each other and you can access our online platform with useful information such as how to raise your funds, the right kit, getting expedition-fit and the destination.

Step 3. Start Raising Funds!

We find students are much more invested in the experience if they have given their time and energy to earn their expedition fee.


We understand though this isn't always easy, so the first meeting aims to kickstart those fundraising plans, begin bonding with the other members and get the team really excited for the destination!

Step 4. Itinerary Planning

It's time to get stuck into the guidebooks and start planning your expedition. As a team you choose where to visit, how demanding the trek is and which cultural sites to tick off.

Step 5. Mini Expedition

After the itinerary planning event, we will arrange a date for you all to get together for a compulsory 2-3 day training.  This will not only be a chance for you to meet each other and your expedition leader again, but for you to learn more about the destination and expedition life, get out on the hills and begin practising the hard and soft skills needed for a successful and enjoyable exped. The training will typically cover the following;

  • Setting personal goals

  • Campcraft skills, (ie. cooking, navigation, tenting)

  • Practice working together and begin forming as a team

  • Risk management and scenarios

  • Staying healthy, happy and safe while travelling

  • Hiking, river crossings and steep ground practice

  • Get used to your equipment and what to pack (and what not to!)

  • Anything else to prepare the team for the challenges expected in country

Practice makes perfect and it will help you get the most out of your expedition experience.

Step 6. Leader Preparation

Behind the scenes, we're also getting ready.  The adult leadership team meets to look closer at the risk assessments, the itineraries and discuss the team, as well as run some interesting workshops for the leaders.

Step 7. Pre-Departure Evening


This is a chance for the team to present their expedition journey so far and what they're planning to do.  We will also be on hand to give a final update on anything expedition related - kit, visas, vaccinations etc as well as answer any questions parents may still have.

Step 8. The Expedition. it's tIME TO GO!


On the day of departure we will all meet together to do our final checks. We will check the team's documentation, equipment and supplies.  There will be a final briefing on health, the itinerary and our goals. Then it's off to the airport!

After months of planning, fundraising and training its finally time to make the expedition real. Under the supervision of the expedition leader, the team will work together to execute their plan and make it all happen.  They will face challenges and enjoy the successes of overcoming them.  Each expedition is different but they will all come home with amazing memories, new skills and life-long friends.

back home after the Exped


Expedition fun doesn't have to finish when you land in Hong Kong.  We will provide a chance for the team to get back together to hold a special Post-Exped Evening for friends and families.  This is designed to be a fun, celebratory evening for the team to show loved ones what they achieved, tell their stories, display their photos and videos and say thank you to the people who helped get them there.  

Each team member will also receive a certificate of achievement for their participation and a discount for future treks as a thank you from Horizon Lines and encouragement to continue adventuring!