What is an Expedition?

At it's simplest: noun; a journey by a group of people for a particular purpose, especially that of exploration.

At it's best though; a vehicle to self-discovery, a life-changing adventure and an eye-opening experience with lasting effects.

Horizon Line Expeditions uses challenging overseas expeditions as a vehicle for young people to grow and learn life skills to allow them to thrive.


Life on an expedition can be seen as a microcosm of the wider world. It presents difficulties and oppurtunities and the need to make decisions, the results of which are real and felt, rather than theoretical and distant.   Throughout the team's itinerary, our experienced expedition leaders balance the level of challenge and support felt by participants to push their personal boundaries and develop key skills as well as helping them to reflect upon these lessons learnt along the way.

Expeditions typically go through a few stages;

Firstly, Acclimatisation; to the culture, to the environment, to the altitude, to each other. It's crucial to ease into the expedition for it to be a success.

Just remember, on expedition there's always plenty of Type 1 fun to balance out the Type 2 fun!

Secondly, the Adventure phase.

The team sets themselves an ambitious goal and then works together to achieve it. This is typically a demanding trek or canoe journey.

At the beginning an expedition can seem a daunting prospect, but  these journeys are all within the capabilities of the team, even if they don't always seem that way at the start. 


We believe there is more in you than you know.

Finally, the Rest and Reflection stage.  It's a chance to see the sights. Maybe visit the pandas in Chengdu or the Taj Mahal in India; whatever it is the team have earned it. 


With the help of the expedition leader, it's also a chance for the team to reflect upon their setbacks but more importantly their successes.  These lessons learnt and transferable skills are the most valuable souvenirs a student can bring home.

Our current Open expeditions are available to all young people ages 16 - 20. All the expeditions have compulsory training designed to provide the young people with the skills and experience to help them towards the leadership of their own expeditions.

the big wide world

Adventure education works best in an unfamiliar environment, so what's further from the bustle of Hong Kong than a secluded Tibetan monastery nestled under snow-capped peaks or even the crazy sights and smells of a Delhi Railway station? Travelling to culturally-different, colourful and exciting places, helps participants gain a new perspective on their home world, develop global empathy and have the freedom to experiment away from the distractions of modern life.  These amazing experiences just can't be replicated in Hong Kong.