Why go on expedition?

People join an expedition for a multitude of reasons. Maybe they seek adventure, to see a different culture or to find something inside of themselves. Whatever the reason they all have something in common, they return with hugely powerful lessons and experiences for life, whether a student, teacher or leader.

Inspire Potential

This is an exciting time in any young person's life; making decisions about their future and the person they want to become. At this stage, we believe we should inspire them to reach their full capability. Through genuine student ownership, the expedition experience allows them to hone their skills and shape their character so that they have the power to choose their future.

Life Tools

Every expedition is designed to develop core skills. Each team member has the  chance to take on key roles and be accountable for important decisions. With the support of an Expedition Leader, they will need to manage their budget, book necessary transport and arrange suitable accommodation for the team. Through these real life experiences, leadership and teamwork will be enhanced, as well as allowing the students to assess risks and preparing them for greater independence.

Future Career & Studies

Horizon Line Expeditions provide students with countless memories to not only share with friends and family, but undoubtedly universities and potential employers. In a city where frequently the focus is on academic abilites, we're often told by Universities and Employers that experiences like this standout on a CV and demonstrates something really special for a person that age.

Personal Souvenirs

The expedition sparks a passion for adventure and encourages the young person to relish challenge and not be fearful of stepping outside of their comfort zone. Along with the souvenirs and postcards, students return home with increased confidence, resilience and a more global outlook.  They have a greater appreciation for what they have as well as increased awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, others and the wider world.